Though this section may appear as an all encompassing category, we realize that this area of the Directory will have to be continually expanded.

For now, we will list the area services such as Local Banks, Dry-Cleaning Services, Photo Processing, Medical and Dental Facilities, Pharmacies, Post Offices and the numerous Supermarkets of the area.

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With so many choices available, we also see additional sub-categories being added such as Real Estate Services, Time-Share Resale and the area Apartment Communities that make-up the area. This may include Hair Salons, Locksmith Services or even the local Pet Motel, which is located right off of US Hwy 192.

Come back frequently to view any changes, as we do expect to make many more additions.

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Can be a little challenging to find…

Books of US Stamps can generally be found at Publix Supermarkets. However, note the use of the word ‘books’. You must purchase a package of 20 stamps that can be used for regular US Mail delivery services. May be too many for visitors from outside the USA’s purposes.

Post Card Stamps, on the other hand though a little less expensive, are generally found in the lobby of your hotel with a mark-up, which will usually exceed the cost of the stamps.

You’re probably just better off going to one of the local Post Office’s, usually open during normal business hours, Monday-Saturday.