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This is an exhaustive list of the Kissimmee Hotels, Motels, Suites & Resorts in the Walt Disney World area.

This first section for Kissimmee US Hwy 192 has been cross-referenced in accordance with their locations via our US Hwy 192 Map System.

Our Locator is available as listing in Alphabetical order, by accommodation Type or by Area.

If you are considering making reservations at an area hotel, motel, suite or resort or have already done so, please use ouralphabetical listing to help you identify the property’s location in relationship to the US Hwy192 map and the Kissimmee area.

We regret that due to space limitations, in most cases, we will not be able to distinguish one brand name within the area franchises over another.

However, all the Hotels, Motels, Suites and Resorts of the area have an opportunity to do this via our Showcase Features as well as directly linking from our site.

Showcases are written by our own local staff and reflect many of the features and benefits often missed.

They have been designed to give you an objective third party evaluation of any and all locations that may opt for a featured listing in our Directory – any links that may go outside our site, is an area that we have no control over.

We can only hope that the Kissimmee property owners in the area will see the value of your business and of us providing this information to you.

The availability of a full service on-site restaurant as an extension of the property was a big factor in determining format – along with listing the property’s other amenities: inside/outside corridors, sheltered walkways, curb appeal, newness of property, gift shops or other services are all part of this evaluation process.

Internationally recognized ‘name-bands’ and ‘franchise affiliations’ also played a big role in determining property type.
Though Kissimmee lodging characteristics will vary from property to property. We still felt that we needed to distinguish these properties from one property type to another.

In most cases, a property listed as a ‘Hotel’, will be superior to the area’s ‘Motels’ though there may be similarities between the two.

In these instances, we have given the nod to the property’s commitment in following a set standard of rules governed by the expectations and enforcement of a franchise holder.

Here, the benefit of the doubt may be more the rule rather than the exception.

Best always use AAA ratings, fellow travelers and other travel guides to mark your way.